No Worries






Here’s a lil’ heat from the forthcoming EP “Hot Sauce”! Once you’ve jammed with me , feel free to hop on over to Hot Topics to check out the latest pilot for our PODCAST station , ” HOT SAUCE” ! Stay in tune my friends ! We plan to shake things up ! ( Oh, that’s me on the strings, the vocals, and the haphazard engineering .. ha ha )





They say she bad from birth

Another planet ‘notha earth

Watch dem a chat and dem a lurk

He ago beg, he nah deserve it

And when he beg it a go hurt him

He say he like it, so I flirt

Gave you my heart and my trust and my patience

You took my love,

and my joy and erased it

You tried so hard to find me, then replace

Funny how we cuh love something and hate it

All that I wanted from you was to give me

Something that you never had

Something that you’ll never see..

Something that you’ll never be..




“Trials and tribulations result in Standing Ovations..

Let’s not wait . #%&K hesitation , ’cause we’re running out of time!

No cutting lines .. fall in place

The time is NOW ..Let’s win this race !

Traveled near and far… and here I are.

Concrete jungles definitely played a part..

Pressure drops, and creates STARS ..

Gravity gets heavy.. ”



“Now it’s youngsters running ’round , ignited raising hell ..

‘ You a stupid heaux ,’ they yell.  Nah.. I’m just the one who fell.

Bruised my knees a couple times just to come back and REBEL..

Give thanks to those that love, embrace the ones that hug, pay it forward

when they show you just how much they really care.. LOYAL, no second

guessing that they’ll always be right there..”


Long Day

Long Day is a personal fave off of the “Sanity” EP.  I banged this project out in early 2012.  A transitional year for the majority, and this EP was a spiritual purge to say the least.  All covers, with original lyrics by yours truly.  Sometimes it’s necessary to write your emotions down and sing them out LOUD to the top of your lungs, woo – sah , then come back to reality .





Boy Meets Girl ft. Pugs Atomz

“It’s boy meets girl, man and woman, new friend 

You start brand new , and wonder where it all ends .

Heaven or hell, possible best friends

Dead-ends or new beginnings..”