Shayna Marissa Hospedales was born October 27 on the tiny island of   St. Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands.  An Army Brat, her mother left the tiny island in pursuit of a better tomorrow, and settled in Houston, TX at the age of 5 . She wrote her first song at the age of 13 “ Only You”. Performing always came naturally.
Shayna developed the majority of her performance skills during her high school years. After auditioning for “West Side Story”,  Shayna scored her first role as Rosalia, “ I love to be in a America!” .  Shayna was a part of an elite and highly respected theatre company in Houston (Alief Elsik Stage Company).
Shayna accepted multiple awards for Best Actress, supporting actress and honorable mention.  She traveled abroad with the company visiting Europe for the first time to participate in the Fringe Festival (2000) .  “Thespian” had its perks; Shayna received both academic and performance scholarships to attend  Webster University in St. Louis, MO (2004).
Shayna, classically trained on the piano and self-taught on the acoustic guitar; released her first EP in 2010 “Silk Sheets and nun chucks”. Chicago Performances: Soldier Field (October 2010) De Paul University, Loyola University, Double Door, Hard Rock Cafe’ CHICAGO.